Advice for Decorating your East Riverside Apartments

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What was the first thing you did upon moving into your new community of apartments on Lady Bird Lake? It’s tempting to just dump your stuff out and relax for awhile, but we think decorating is a vital part of enjoying your new home. You want to live somewhere that looks goo, and you want to be able to show off your new home when guests come over. If you’re going to achieve that level of satisfaction with your home, however, you’re going to need to follow a few simple design rules.


Decorating your apartment is a lot different than decorating a house. In an apartment, you have to do everything you can to maximize the space available to you. It’s all about bringing light into every corner, drawing people’s eyes upwards instead of downwards, and investing in multi-purpose furniture. We’ll explain the reasoning behind those tips and more in this week’s blog!


Check out the list of tips below, and be sure to share this post with your friends and neighbors at your community of East Riverside apartments!


Tip #1 — Maximize Light


There are two things you can buy if you want to maximize light, and neither of them involve actual light bulbs. First, invest in some mirrors. The more mirrors you have, the more light will be reflected around your apartment. Be sure to get different sized mirrors so you don’t just have a bunch of rectangular pieces of glass scattered throughout the apartment!


Another way to maximize light is by buying brightly colored furniture and wall pieces. We’re talking about white, light blue, yellow, pink — light and airy colors. If you buy dark furniture, your apartment will seem dark. The darker your apartment, the smaller it seems. Some people might like a small, cozy space, but if you want light and airy you have to invest in light-colors!


TIp #2 — Buy tall and narrow instead of short and wide


Remember this rule when buying shelves, dressers and art. It’ll help you buy things that take up less floor space while drawing people’s eyes upwards. People always obsess over floor space square footage, but few people realize that there’s plenty of vertical space to work with as well. The more you can draw people’s eyes upwards, the bigger your apartment will seem. The last thing you want is to have a short, fat dresser that takes up tons of floor space and draws people’s eyes downwards. Avoid that look at all costs!


Tip #3 — Go with large pieces of art


Hanging a ton of smaller pieces on the wall is a good way to make your apartment seem cluttered. Instead, invest in one or two large pieces. Put one behind your couch and another above your bed. Not only will the pieces make a statement, they’ll improve the overall look of your apartment. People’s eyes will automatically be drawn to the large pieces. When you have many small pieces, people’s eyes move all over the place, making your apartment seem cluttered. Whether you go with a tapestry or a huge canvas painting, make sure it’s a big one!

Those are all the design tips we’ve got for y’all this week! Once again, we’d like to thank our residents for coming back to read the second edition of our blog series. We’ll be posting these twice per month from here on out, so bookmark this page so you can check it again when the next blog goes live on the site! While you wait for that, go ahead and follow Mesh on social media so you can stay up to date with everything going on at your community of apartments on East Riverside!

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