Coziest Cafes near your East Riverside Apartments

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The neighborhood around your East Riverside apartments has plenty of awesome coffee shops, but we also recommend checking out the cafes on other side of the river. Austin is filled with cozy, warm and inviting coffee shops, and they’re perfect for those windy winter days that we often get stuck with this time of year.


The best way to start a morning in Austin is with a fresh cup of joe and a breakfast taco. You can find both of those things at most coffee shops in town, but they taste best at the coffee shops below. We’ve created a list of our favorite coffee shops, and we’re excited to share it with you! Check out the blog below, and be sure to share it with everyone else at your community of apartments on East Riverside.


Cafe Creme


Any coffee shop that serves kolaches is good in our book. The staff knows what they’re doing, and the general atmosphere is very relaxed. You might not be able to work here all day because of the lack of power outlets, but you can certainly come here for breakfast and a cup of piping hot coffee.


The Buzz Mill


This place has some of the best cold brew in town. If you want something warm, go for the vanilla latte. It’s made with a delicious homemade vanilla syrup, and it tastes just as good as it looks. We love the outdoor patio at The Buzz Mill, and you’ll love it too on the next 65-degree day in Austin.


Friends and Neighbors


The famous drink at Friends and Neighbors is the rosemary latte. Grab one and take it outdoors where there’s plenty of seating. Hipsters love this place, and you’ll see why as soon as you step inside. For starters, it’s hidden in the back of a vintage boutique, which is kind of the most hipster thing ever.


Friends and Neighbors has awesome snack options thanks to the fact that they served baked goods and pastries from Quack’s Bakery. Grab coffee, bite into a croissant, and enjoy the whimsical decor inside the Friends and Neighbors coffee shop.


Vintage Heart Coffee


Listen to the list of ingredients in Vintage Heart’s special, “Bulletproof” coffee; coconut oil, cacao, cayenne, butter and collagen. That doesn’t even sound like coffee, but it’s piqued your curiosity, hasn’t it? Vintage Heart has awesome lattes, but they also have awesome stroopwafels. What’s a stroopwafel, you say? You’ve probably only ever had them on airplanes, but they taste even better on the ground.


Flitch Coffee


This is the quintessential Austin coffee trailer. Flitch Coffee is super dog friendly, clean, and located in a lovely outdoor setting. The coffee isn’t bad either! Check out the maple syrup iced latte for a sweet treat. The trailer actually has a cool background story. The owner found it on craigslist, and renovated the interior to make it suitable for a tiny coffee shop.


With that, we’ve reached the end of our coffee blog. We love telling our residents about the best coffee shops in town, and we hope you’re able to check out some of the cafes next time you need a caffeine boost!

We’d like to take this moment to say thanks to those of you who’ve taken some time out of your busy schedule to read the first edition of the Mesh blog. We’ll be back in a couple weeks with another post, so be sure to bookmark this page and check it again when the next blog goes live! While you wait for our next post, go ahead and follow Mesh on social media. That’s the fastest, easiest way to stay up to date with all the events going on at your community of apartments on Lady Bird Lake.

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